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The Procrastinator’s Digest

What up, y’all? It’s ya girl Carolina here and welcome to this month’s How -to-Guide for Procrastination. I’m the biggest procrastinator out there. I recently came back from a trip to Cancun and was not finished packing until, literally, 30 minutes before leaving to the airport.

I found that the more prepared I tried to be, the more I tried to write down another To-Do List, the more I tried to buy little toiletries to fit in my bag, or tried finding cutesy traveling doo-dads I had seen on Pinterest or Etsy, the less organized I was.  I ended up with 7 To-Do Lists, tons of little travel sized crap that I really didn’t need and would never have purchased if it wasn’t for the “what if” thoughts popping in my head, and overwhelmed and nowhere close to being packed or mentally prepared.

Mommy Brain: ” Okay, I saw this cute backpack for my son on Youtube and that boy on the video looked super cute. I need to find it asap! I want us to be picture perfect!! Yes! I found it on Amazon! It’s only… $52.99?!? Ughhhhhh…. maybe.”

Logical Brain: “Instead of worrying about the backpack, you should see what you have already and make the best of it. The trip isn’t about the bag, it’s about the memories you make. Also, that bag is SUPER expensive.”

This can go back and forth for every issue until you literally do not have any more time to prepare or make any decisions. Here’s a tip: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

K.I.S.S. Just keep it simple, stupid! Stay in your lane. Do not let other people and social media influence you or stress you out. Write one simplified list, set your mind to it, and DO IT! We only have one life and its very short. Don’t waste it on procrastinating and putting things off or stressing out.

Make your time count! Carolina out, babes!



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Moms Don’t Get A Vacation! (Wait, do they?)

What up, y’all? its ya girl Carolina here! Shout out to SoCal for these warm winters! It is currently 78 & sunny!

So, who here has traveled out of the country with a toddler before? This is some scary ‘ish! The story from ‘Taken’ keeps replaying in mind, except instead of me acting like Liam Neeson when my child is taken, I’m crying uncontrollably and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

For those of you that have experience with travel, please comment below with your tips and tricks. I’d love to hear from you! I say Nyquil for all of us and then we can just wake up in Cancun. But in reality, I’ve learned a few things. Maybe they will help you out as well.

Tip #1: Calm Down! – First of all, I hate when people tell me this, because its like “Really?? CALM DOWN? Like those words are going to magically calm me down. PFFFTT! YOU calm down!” Maybe I’m a little sensitive haha. But you really should take a breath and calm down. Things won’t get done properly if you’re acting like a maniac.

Tip#2: Write a To Do List- These can be most helpful. You can see what needs to be done and helps to keep you on track, which also helps with tip #1! If you’re organized and know the end goal, there’s no reason for you to be overwhelmed.

Tip#3: Get your finances in order! – This seems like it would be a stupid tip because you would need money to pay for a trip in the first place but let me tell ya, it’s still an issue. For example, If you charged your vacation to a credit card, you need to make sure you pay monthly payments to try to pay that off before you go and have enough saved to take some extra cash with you. There’s nothing suckier that going on vacation and not being able to afford actually “being on vacation”. Would you rather have a water or a double pina colada out of a freshly cut pineapple? Save that money girl!

That’s all for me today! Keep your cool mamas and papas & have fun!

Until next time,

Carolina Out!


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New year, new me! Pffftttt…. Get Real

Happy New Year Everyone!

We are officially 17 days into 2018 and I have broken every single resolution I made for myself. Who’s with me?? I know I’m not alone!! I see y’all out there, shoving a piece of pizza in your mouth, telling yourself you’ll “work it off later at the gym” and then when that time rolls around, you would rather lay in bed and Netflix. I feel you!

Goal 1: Lose Weight- FAIL

Goal  2: Get Finances in Order- FAIL

Goal 3: Find Love- FAIL

I’m not accepting defeat just yet but I’m pretty close. One can only read so many motivational quotes every day. This post probably wasn’t very inspiring but sometimes you just gotta KEEP IT REAL. At least you can follow my journey and learn from my mistakes (or at least get a good laugh from my pain). If you guys have any suggestions or tips, comment below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Until next time,

Carolina Out



Tip Tuesday

Hello Guys & Gals,

Its time for #tiptuesday, yes you heard (read) right! Every Tuesday, I’m going to be posting tips for mamas, working ladies, & humanity in general. I’d love to  hear your comments, so please leave me a quick post below. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

This Tuesdays Tip: Take up Space

We often make ourselves small in order to fit in. NOT TODAY!! What do I mean by “Taking up Space”? Whether you’re at work or in your relationships, some of us tend to be “People Pleasers” and in that process, we lose a little but of ourselves. We shy away from the attention and work behind the scenes & in doing so, we let everyone around us know, we don’t have the confidence or self-respect to behave any other way. Believe in your own power. Make your presence known. Voice your opinions. YOU MATTER! When we “take up space” in a room or in a relationship, it will not only build your self-confidence, but it’s with that self-confidence that will help to change your life.

Maybe “Taking Up Space” for you will be to step up and lead a project, or make time for a new hobby that brings you joy, or just setting aside time to do some creative writing. The possibilities are endless if you just believe in yourself!

Today, take up some space and do something you wouldn’t normally do!  Be a Boss! Be a kick-ass Mama! Be YOURSELF!

Until next time,

Carolina Out



Clean Up on Aisle 4!

Mama: “Son, I’m making dinner. Its time to clean up your toys.”

Son: “But Mama!”

Mama: “But nothing! You have 5 minutes to clean this mess up! ”

5 Minutes later…

Mama: “Son, really? PICK UP ALL THE TOYS NOW! I’m trying to make dinner and you’re not listening.”

Son: “Ok, but Mama, Spider-Man doesn’t want to help me clean this mess and I can’t do it by myself. I neeeeeed you. I just want you to hold me”

30 minutes later…

Burnt dinner and an even bigger toy mess than before. Mama on the verge of tears feeling useless and hopeless.

You single mamas out there probably go through this more than you care to admit. It takes a strong & patient woman to be a single mother. Parenthood is not easy let alone if you’re the only parent in the equation. Being a mother is one of the hardest careers ever, and I mean like, EVER. If you think it’s easy, you either gave birth to an angel or you’re doing it wrong. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, exhausted, broke, at the end of your rope, just remember, YOU ARE BEUATIFUL. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE APPRECIATED. YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS. 

Never back down and never give up. Your precious children need you to be on your A-game 100% of the time and deserve nothing less. Take the time out to take care of Mama so that you can be ok to take care of your family. Take a walk, start a journal, go to the gym, get a massage, do what makes you feel better and relaxed.

Until next time, this mama is signing out. I hope you all have a wonderful day!





Who’s that? Oh, it’s just my Prince Charming!

So during this time of the year, it’s typical for my family to get together. It’s usually a great time to see your loved ones, talk about what’s new in life, who cheated on who (no wonder why Uncle Frank wasn’t there), who has the better job, etc. Are all families this competitive or is it just mine??

I’ve been a single mom for about four years now. As always, I get the dreaded question, “So have you started dating yet?” Mom yells, “Her Prince Charming hasn’t come yet but he will!” from across the room. How she could even hear that far in the first place is beyond me. Great… now everyone is talking about me… thanks Mom.

Does this happen to anyone else? It must, right?! Don’t leave a sista hangin here! It’s not that I don’t want to date. Who doesn’t want to go on a nice date? The problem is finding the right person for me and my lifestyle as well as finding someone suitable and trustworthy for my son. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! Do you know how hard it is to find one of these unicorns?

I feel like once you go through certain things in life, to easily trust someone with not just your heart but your child’s, is definitely a big order to fill OR… perhaps maybe it just seems that way. My trick is this: Keep busy and love fully. If you do that, any hardships or obstacles can be easily overcome and in time, maybe a Prince Charming will finally come my way. Hopefully he likes tacos and beer though because I’m a SoCal girl all the way!

Remember, keep busy and love fully! Take care you single mamas! You guys are the real MVP!

Until next time!



Any single Mamas out there??

Hi there! My name is Carolina. I’m a single mama located in sunny Southern California. I work full time and I’m a mommy to an extremely active 4 year old boy. I have always dreamed of doing something like this but never had the courage I guess (or the time,really) to actually do it. I decided to stop sitting on the sidelines, stop being a wallflower, and stop complaining that I’ll never get to do what I had hoped for my life. This is my first post! The following posts I’ll share my health journey, my  motherhood journey, and my soul searching journey! Come follow me as I share stories about my little monster, try to cook recipes that don’t pan out well, work with coworkers that I want to throw hot coffee at, and try to put makeup on my face on a daily basis. This should be interesting…